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On the road again - Round Three!

Back on The Sunshine Coast, at beautiful Noosa

sunny 28 °C

How did we find ourselves here? Somehow we just can't go past The Sunshine Coast, one of our absolutely favourite spots in this country. It's relaxing, it's fun, there's such a varied population, waterways for the SUP board, beaches and forests, great for people watching, perfect climate etc etc.

What a superb time we've had in our home state. We tried to have a couple of weeks free camping in Tas but got as far as Campbelltown and found we had flat batteries in the van. No lights, no TV, no nothing. So back to town to try and diagnose the problem and plug into power. We have solar panels and 3 big house batteries, but for some reason the batteries are not holding power. Longford caravan park provided a comfortable river side stay while we tried in vain to sort it out. Back to Westbury to plug in, knowing we were off to Coles Bay for Easter with the Scotts.

We tried to catch up with as many friends as we could while we were at home, but didn't see them all. We'll be home again next Christmas for a few weeks so will make it up then. Just can't do everything. But it was great to see friends and family happy and prospering. Vicki's doing a marvellous job managing the salon and staff, and we are eternally grateful to her and to the hairdressers.

Fishing at Coles Bay!! Joe went on the boat with the boys and Hannah and Yas, caught lots of flathead and vomited over the side. He was always a bit precious on the high seas! Over the next few days there was lots more fishing, catching flatties, cray, abalone and scallops, leaving Joe on dry land! All so delicious cooked on the barbie. We had a lovely relaxing time with the family at Coles Bay, van parked on a spare block just up the road from their shack. On our last night at Westbury the family all met for dinner, and Angus and Yas made us a beautiful farewell dessert - brought us undone a little!

12th April, after sad farewells with our family we headed to Christmas Hills to lunch at the Raspberry Farm with our dear friends, Ros and Paul. Somehow the time has gone so fast we've hardly seen them - they've been busy with renovations and we've been busy working etc. Time has flown and suddenly it's time to leave. Sad saying goodbye, but it won't be long till we see them again. Off to Latrobe to park behind the main street and watch the Hawks play on TV. Unfortunately the van batteries went flat again at three quarter time - not looking good! So off to Devonport to wait in the line for our night time cruise - an unremarkable voyage across the Bass Strait (painless apart from the $1280 one way fare!) and off the boat at 6am. We set our GPS to take us to Seymour. First right, second left, up Bay Rd and left into Montague St. All was going well until we spotted the low bridge up ahead, 3m, and our van's 3.2!! Temperatures rising in the car, left turn and find another route. Oh dear, hope this doesn't happen too often.

So off to Seymour to deliver Simon's folding boat to its' new owner, and we headed to Yackandandah. A great welcome from Shirley and Trevor, the managers of the caravan park, and we shared dinner with them in front of the open fire in the camp kitchen. Great to catch up and hear their news. Yack is chilly and damp, but absolutely beautiful with the Autumn colours. We booked the van into an auto electrician in Wodonga to get these bloody batteries fixed once and for all. $900 and 4 hours later, we have a diagnosis, a new battery and are confident that it will be all right.

So goodbye to Yack and we're off up the Olympic Highway, a route we haven't taken before. Passing through the typically Aussie towns of Junee, Cootamundra and Wellington we're headed for Dubbo Zoo. Wellington's a picturesque town, having benefited by the development of the gold mining in the district, it's the centre of rich agricultural land, growing vegetables, wheat, wool, lambs and wheat. We were lucky to find some great free camps along the way, Ponto Falls and Hickey Falls both scenic and lots of room for us. The zoo was ok.....there did seem to be a lot of construction happening, and some animals were absent. It was busy, being school holidays. The whole experience didn't really meet our expectations, and we were a bit disappointed. Even though we drove around in our own car, it wasn't possible to get up close and personal with the animals.

So back on the road, now on the Newell highway, and up through Gilgandra, Coonabarabran, and Narrabri. All are small country towns, surviving with the passing tourist business. They've had more than their share of floods and fires, and somehow they survive. Now headed for Moree, passing through extensive wheat and cotton fields, past numerous pecan nut trees, and into the home of artesian hot spring baths. The Gwydir caravan park is $34 a night, and for that you can stay in the lovely hot baths for as long as you like. In 1895 the Great Artesian Basin which sits under Moree was tapped and yields over 13 megalitres of water every day. Unfortunately the water's not suitable for agricultural use, but it's certainly good for the bones and beautifully relaxing for us.

Following the Newell and Gore Highways, and some small roads, we're off to Maleny. We've had lots of rain, and towing the van on the winding hills is slow and tiring. We passed an unfortunate scene, a 4WD and caravan on their side, obviously lost control on a corner. This really makes us stop and think! Looked like nobody was hurt, thank goodness. We checked into Maleny showgrounds and headed to the local IGA to do our shopping - local produce and great service. We love Maleny. Beautiful and sunny when we woke in the morning so Joe washed the van and I spring cleaned the inside before hitching up and heading for Noosa.

So here we are, settled into this beautiful climate on Site 82. they've had lots of rain up here and its lovely and green. The caravan park has been tidied up considerably, and we have a pink flowering gum, full of rosella parrots, right outside our bedroom window. We're happy to be here and not in NSW which has experienced dreadful storms and floods. This morning we went to the Anzac Day dawn service on Main Beach - up at 3.15am, walked to the beach along with many thousands of others. It was a little disappointing, lacking emotion, I couldn't see a thing - maybe we expect too much. Then back for brekky, a swim, sit in the sun and read our books. We've put the TV outside for the Anzac Day game, but unfortunately the Hawks match isn't televised in Queensland tonight - disappointing, but we'll work something out.

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Where have we been? The Island Down Under!

What have we been doing the last couple of months? Good question

overcast 12 °C

Well, to continue where I left off in the middle of January.....we had a horrid day sailing from Melbourne to Devonport, so rough that most passengers were sick. Luckily we were able to book into a cabin and believe me it was the best $100 we have ever spent.......to climb between the crisp white sheets and put our heads on those pathetic pillows was the best feeling, when all around us was mayhem. To top it all off we were made to tip our 20 litres of diesel out into a drum at Station Pier - not what should have happened and it left a nasty taste, however the staff at the pier are like the gestapo and not to be argued with. We arrived into Devonport about an hour late and after a magnificent drive through luscious countryside to Westbury, we were welcomed home with a fanfare, with children jumping off walls, flags flying and plenty of wet cheeks. SO NICE to be here, to feel the family around us, and to enjoy a delicious ambience and a home cooked meal at Lou and Scotty's.

We are parked in the walnut orchard at Lou and Scotty's, and have named it "Walnut Grove". It's one of the most special spots we've ever parked in, plugged into power and water, a lovely shady spot. We have the bonus of the kids popping in after school, and we often have happy hour (or 2!!) with the Scotts in the evening. Millsie and Angus come and go, friends in tow, sometimes home sometimes not. Will and Hannah have graduated to middle school at Scotch, and have plenty still to learn. I have settled into work at Masonic Homes, and have had loads of shifts. We've caught up with lots of friends and still have lots to see. Joe sees that his daughters' gardens are all tickety boo, their knives are sharpened, everyones' hair trimmed and we've been rewarded with lovely meals and company. When I work an evening shift, Joe is invited to Emma's house, she spoils him with her wonderful cooking and he catches up with Sunny and Tilly's news. Last weekend we were in Hobart with Katie Jo and Webby, Ella and Georga.......where has the time gone since they were little girls, they're now coming home from a night shift as a paramedic in the ambulance or heading off to a shift as RN on the medical ward.

We had a couple of days in Hobart to see friends and family, but apart from that we haven't moved. Next weekend we're off to Legana(!!)! to park the van at Jo and Stu's and enjoy a long overdue catch up with them. No driving, just drink, eat, talk, laugh. Joe will fix the garden at our place and we'll no doubt have a bottle or two with Paul and Patricia.

We've seen dentists, banks, optometrist, doctors, pathologists, hairdressers, mammograms, caravan repairers, car repairers etc, and I think it's just about all done, we're ready for another trip around the big island. We leave on April 12th, and will head to Noosa for a month, via Yackandandah of course. From there we'll find ourselves back at Ellis Beach in June, finding ourselves with our friends, Mark and Max, then after a week of babysitting the littlies in Sydney will be flying back to Tas for a wedding mid July. We're hoping to be heading towards WA towards the end of July, and will spend quite a few months seeing things we missed last time.

At the moment we can't see an end to this wonderful life! Long may it last.

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Happy New Year to you all

Christmas over for another year, and more happy travels for us!

rain 19 °C

Christmas was just as we planned.....roast pork and turkey on the Weber with all the trimmings, delicious fresh berries, with wine and cheese as desired through the day. What a lovely place to spend Christmas Day, and any day for that matter! We set the table on the side of the creek, and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day together.

New Year's Eve is another matter altogether.....we were joined by David and Gary, our dear friends from Albert Park and Talbot, and their little doggies, Max and Alfie. So we had them for dinner at our place (our patch on the riverbank!) along with Trevor and Shirley who own the park. First time for ages we have actually stayed up until the bewitching hour and talked and laughed and drank and watched fireworks on TV while opening yet another bottle of bubbles at midnight. Good fun, and so lovely to be with friends. We first met David and Gary at Yack a couple of years ago so we all have a bit of an affinity with the place. We enjoyed a few days with them, till they had to leave to sample the gourmet delights of Milawa.

We've had lots of rain, a few trips into Albury, short trips around the area, a day at Rutherglen enjoying wine and sightseeing, and Joe has been cutting the grass for Trevor while he and Shirley had a few days away. Each time we take a walk up into Yack we see something we haven't spotted before. The shops are so quirky, so messy, so old fashioned. The galleries never change. The second hand shops are fifth or sixth hand, full of retro kitchen stuff, old tupperware, gorgeous old glassware and china. No room in the van for all that, unfortunately.

We've met lots of new acquaintances in the park, all who have now gone their various ways. Some we'll see again, some we won't. We can't believe we are still at Yackandandah.......it's school holidays so parks are full up, we are safe and happy, the creek is flowing, it's quiet and beautiful.....so why would we leave? So many awful things happening in the big wide world. Today it's piddling with rain so we've come to The Milawa Gourmet region to experience the food and wine epicentre. Just finished a casual bistro lunch at Brown Brothers restaurant, accompanied by a very nice Pinot Grigio. Each place we stop offers an extensive range of local, seasonal produce from nearby farm gates. Now we have parked on the banks of the beautiful Ovens River to do this blog,; it's still bucketing down, and we're about to take the back roads back to the van, light the fire in the camp kitchen, settle down with a bottle of red and watch a movie.

On Sunday we have a day sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania to Devonport. A whole new experience for us, and of course we're hoping that we have a calm crossing. So many travellers ask us what the trip is like, and we boldly tell them it's fine and calm. That is, when you're head's on the pillow after a few glasses of red. I'm sure it will be fine, we'll have plenty to keep us occupied, and the time will fly. Three months in Tassie is something that is coveted by caravanners, and we are very much looking forward to seeing friends and families again, me joining the workforce for a while, and feeling at home. So we look forward to seeing you all very soon and enjoying some fine company.

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Merry Christmas One and All!

From the Travelling Poupés at Yackandandah

sunny 34 °C

After our exhilarating drive through the beautiful Victorian Alpine Country, we are happily settled into our beautiful spot on the side of the river at Yackandandah, where we’ll stay for a couple of weeks.

We found another great free camp, on the Omeo Highway, called Big River Camp......we were the only ones there again, so spent a couple of nights on the side of the Mitta Mitta River. Just cows for our neighbours, and our only visitors were Park staff, mowing and cleaning.......great life when we don't have to do it ourselves. Joe did try his hand at fly fishing, but maybe he needs a couple of lessons. At Talangatta , our last spot, we parked on the banks of Lake Hume, a perfect spot for Joe on his SUP board. We were lucky to be there for their Christmas Parade, but I couldn’t talk Joe into Carols in The Park to follow!

Our Christmas shopping is done…… …we’ve been to the bottle shop, the butcher, the greengrocer, the baker and the supermarket, and we’re all ready for a relaxing Christmas, just the 2 of us, far from the madding crowds. There are only a few others in the park,just enough to make it a perfect, happy Christmas day. The forecast is good, sunny with little chance of rain.

What we are missing, of course, are our friends and families, the excited little children waiting for Santa to come, the big kids hanging about in their PJ’s, and the beautiful atmosphere that comes with Christmas. There are so many friends we’ve met on the road, who will be scattered around the country over Christmas. Somehow we’ll talk to everyone over the next few days - internet and ‘phone reception are terrible here, and we have to go up and sit in the Yack Hotel to make calls, send emails, FaceTime, etc…..bugger!

So we’re clinking a glass or two and saying Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks to everyone who has had any input into making this year such a wonderful, fun time for us. Let’s hope next year will be just as outstanding.

Happy Christmas Everyone, we hope you all enjoy a safe and wonderful festive season xxxxx

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Victorian Alps - so beautiful!

Nice to be home!

sunny 22 °C

We’re back on the road after a great week with Joe’s sisters, Marion and Trixie and their families in Adelaide. The girls took us to an amazing Moroccan restaurant, Marakesh, in North Adelaide - absolutely delicious and very different food. We stayed in Marion’s comfy little room and made ourselves very much at home.

While we were there, Marion’s elderly neighbour, Dawn, came over to tell us that she’d been woken in the night by her dogs barking - she heard a snuffling in her bedroom and turned the light on to find a koala in her bedroom. He apparently came in through the doggie door and was about to hop up on her bed. Dawn called 000 and Wildlife Rescue came and got him and relocated him on Anstey Hill.

The week flew, and all too soon it was time to say goodbye. Sunday morning Marion took us to the airport at 5am for our flight to Melbourne. No delays for a change, so soon we were in Melbourne collecting our car and van from storage. All was well, dirty but no damage done.

We spent the day stocking from Uncle Dan and Woolies, washing the rig and driving around looking for a Rebel Sport shop. Eventually we found one at Northlands shopping centre , took ages to find a park, struggled through the Christmas crowds, only to be told they had just sold the last of what I wanted for Joe for Christmas…..see why people shop online! Joe’s shopping attention span is normally 18 minutes, so 2 hours was really testing him.

After a night at Coburg CP we were up early again and off to Craigieburn for the last couple of warranty jobs to be done on the van. In no time we were on the road, heading through the Alpine National Park to Victoria Falls Campground, near Omeo, about a 6 hour drive.

What an amazing trip…..making our way to the top of Mt Hotham and back down again. A couple of times we weren't sure if we would make it, towing a 3.5 tonne van, but our faithful black Cruiser didn’t let us down. The scenery was stunning, travelling through charming little towns, amazing countryside, a cliff on one side of the road and a sheer drop on the other. The trees at the top of the mountain are amazing, Eucalyptus Delegatensis or Mountain Ash - they are so hardy, although there is still evidence of the terrible bush fires in 2003.

Somewhere along the way we had a message from Oliver, in Sydney,telling us about the terrorist siege that was happening in Martin Place, just minutes from his office, and that he was ensconced in his office until it was safe to leave. We managed to get some radio reception to let us know what was going on, before we lost all contact. Arriving at Victoria Falls Campground, the first thing we did was to set up the satellite dish to get some news. Times like this we feel quite isolated - while it’s nice to not have to think about the outside world, it’s worrying to not be able to contact family. We walked to the top of a hill and did get a text message from Amelia to say that Ollie was home safely, but we were unable to reply. Such a relief to know that at least our son was OK. And it's good news that our Chris is doing very well in Brisbane, too.

We feel very fortunate to be in this safe place in the wilderness, while such dreadful things are happening in the world - and in our very own country, in beautiful Sydney.

This spot is lovely, just 500m off the road, down a gravel road to a secluded grassy spot right by the Cobungra River. It’s a historic site, an old gold mine. And it’s free. A few minutes after arriving we had an amazing storm, bright lightning and heavy rain, thunder echoing around the valley, so we settled down in the van to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey, Series 5. There will have to be a series 6!

It’s so dark here at night - no lights in the van, no moon or stars, just black sky - we slept non stop for 9 hours. We have no phone, internet or radio so will spend today reading, walking, fishing (???), catching up with odd jobs and enjoying the remoteness. We have our gas and water tanks full, solar panels charging the batteries, satellite dish working, and have just started the generator for a Nespresso coffee. There are huge mushrooms growing all around us which we will make good use of. The Parks Vic ranger has just arrived to clean the long drop toilets, whipper snip the edges, cut the grass and cut some firewood, so we’ll probably spend another night here before moving to another bush camp north of Omeo. Funny though, no kangaroos, possums, rabbits, wombats - and not even a koala. We haven't seen any wildlife at all, only birds.

A funny thing happened this morning…..I cooked breakfast, bacon and eggs, tomato and local mushrooms (high protein, low carb). Joe sat on the wooden bench to eat, and when I sat next to him the whole table and chairs fell backwards, breakfast flying through the air, us on our backs with legs in the air like a pair of dead canaries. It would have been a very funny sight! Using the 5 second rule we managed to salvage the breakfast before the flies carried it away.

So this morning we’re moving on, into Omeo to fill up with water, send emails, make some calls and stock up with vegies, then on to a new home for a couple of nights.

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